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Game Released Plays Rating
99 Bricks 99 Bricks icon

Carefully stack bricks to prevent your building from collapsing in this Tetris styled physics game. Fill an entire row to make...

October 2008 5,281 89%
Age of War Age of War icon

Battle your opponent through the ages. Use cavemen, knights, and robots to fight through the ages while defending your base.

September 2013 15,626 86%
Astrodigger Astrodigger icon

Dig through the ground to gather gold and minerals. Purchase upgraded suits to protect yourself against harm from explosions,...

April 2013 5,234 65%
Bunny Cannon Bunny Cannon icon

Launch bunnies and watch them multiply like the rabbits they are. Earn points by colliding and creating more bunnies and landing...

March 2013 5,697 91%
Chronotron Chronotron icon

Use a time machine to help your future self traverse the map. Be careful of paradoxes!

May 2008 4,940 91%
Continuity Continuity icon

This game is a creative and unique blend between a platform and a puzzle game. First traverse each level within the puzzle....

April 2010 4,939 67%
Demolition City Demolition City icon

Demolish buildings in this physics game by strategically placing TNT. Your objective is to get the rubble below a certain...

November 2009 5,692 81%
Disaster Will Strike 2 Disaster Will Strike 2 icon

Use power calamities such as earthquakes, plagues of bees, strong winds, asteroid strikes, and volcanoes to destroy cheeky...

May 2013 5,380 78%
Doodle God Doodle God icon

Mix and match elements to create entities. Match together elements that have already been mixed to create more advanced lifeforms...

July 2010 8,067 91%
Electric Box 2 Electric Box 2 icon

Use components provided in each level to connect the circuits together in this simple electricity puzzle game.

July 2013 5,312 78%
Folds Folds icon

Fold paper origami into different pieces to move onto the next level. More steps will be necessary as you progress making...

February 2013 4,889 68%
Fruit Smash Fruit Smash icon

Match fruit pairs of three or more in this puzzle game. Collect super moves to increase your score even further.

July 2007 5,796 45%
Gang Blast 2 Gang Blast 2 icon

Use your gun to shoot cannon balls at the bandits. Knock them off the platform to win. Collect coins by shooting grab bags...

March 2013 5,683 86%
Gravitee Wars Gravitee Wars icon

Battle over planets in this space based puzzle game. Use your weapon to launch missiles that will be influenced by other...

November 2010 4,824 79%
Hungry Sumo Hungry Sumo icon

Become a sumo master by feeding your sumo wrestler faster than he can bump into others. Make sure to stop feeding him before...

April 2011 8,036 74%
I Saw Her Standing There I Saw Her Standing There icon

The love of your life is a zombie. Due to the circumstances, you must be creative to make this relationship work.

April 2012 7,393 82%
Indestructo Tank 2 Indestructo Tank 2 icon

Use your indestructible by bouncing off enemies' explosions and landing on them! Since your foes cannot harm you, your goal...

November 2007 4,484 65%
Liquid 2 Liquid 2 icon

Rotate the map to collect all of the liquid particles in the end point in this physics based puzzle game. Gather keys to unlock...

March 2013 5,568 73%
Mushbits 2 Mushbits 2 icon

Click and drag your mushbits to eat cupcakes. Once a tile has been hopped on, it will change color. These mushbits can only...

June 2013 3,781 86%
Portal 2D Portal 2D icon

A portal based puzzle game similar to the original. Use portals to navigate through the maps and continue on your journey...

September 2012 6,578 77%
Portal: The Flash Version Portal: The Flash Version icon

Navigate your way past traps and obstacles with a device that shoots portals onto walls! By strategically placing portals...

July 2007 5,968 67%
Red Remover Red Remover icon

Eliminate the depressed red cubes by strategically clicking them. You must preserve the happy green polygons to win.

March 2010 6,069 82%
Starshine 2 Starshine 2 icon

Use your mouse to align and launch a shooting star. Aim it correctly and it will result in a chain reaction, lighting up all the other...

November 2008 3,271 86%
Super Karoshi Super Karoshi icon

An interesting take on the classic platformer games. In this specific instance, you must not avoid obstacles and traps. Perhaps...

June 2009 6,057 66%
Sushi Cat 2 - The Honeymoon Sushi Cat 2 - The Honeymoon icon

Help Sushi Cat satisfy his craving for raw fish and rice in this physics based puzzle game. The more Sushi Cat eats, the bigger...

July 2010 6,057 78%
Team of Robbers Team of Robbers icon

Break into buildings and steal loot in this time critical burglary game. Your team consists of four different members. A lock...

June 2013 4,117 90%
The Company of Myself The Company of Myself icon

Travel through time to assist your future self through different levels and obstacles.

November 2009 4,980 70%
The I of It The I of It icon

Navigate through levels playing as the letter I. Increase and decrease the size of your I to traverse obstacles and jump...

November 2011 5,745 53%
Totem Destroyer Totem Destroyer icon

In this physics game, your objective is to destroy bricks supporting a golden totem. Destroy the bricks carefully; If the totem...

April 2008 4,632 48%
Trid Trid icon

Trid is a simple pattern matching game. Click tiles to place squares to match the original image. Sounds simple, but eventually...

January 2013 4,072 78%
Wonderputt Wonderputt icon

A simple putt putt golf game that traverses though a beautiful and mysterious landscape.

September 2011 4,700 63%
Zombie Demolisher Zombie Demolisher icon

Crush the zombies in this physics based game. Fling bombs at key portions of the building to cause the most destruction as possible.

November 2013 8,840 70%