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Piggy Bank Smash Guide & Walkthrough

Piggy Bank Smash is a physics based arcade game in which the objective of the game is to acquire money. By purchasing upgrades, you are able to further increase the efficiency of your pig smashing.

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The Hammer

Your hammer is the most effective pig smashing utility provided in the game. It is initially crafted out of wood, but it can be upgraded to stone, metal, and even become as hard as diamonds.

If you purchase the hammer twirl upgrade, a simple press of the mouse will cause it to spin. Move your mouse to direct the beatings directly onto the piggy-bank. Upgrade this ability to increase the velocity and ultimately increase the denomination of coins dropped.

Piggy Bank Smash Hammer


Hire snipers, grenadiers, or even extra mouse cursors to make your efforts easier. Upgrading these assistants will further increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

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The investing upgrade doubles the value of money received. Due to the expensive nature of this upgrade, it is recommended to purchase this later in game rather than to save up for the first level

The rich pig upgrade allows for copper coins, silver coins, and even gold coins to be removed entirely from game. Only the next higher coin denomination will replace it.

The golden pig upgrade will transform your piggy bank into solid gold. Need we say more?


Move the mouse rapidly over the pig back and forth to hit him with your hammer. Do this until you can collect 250 coins to purchase the hammer twirl upgrade.

It is recommended that you continue using the hammer twirl to collect coins and either upgrade it to the next level, or place a bounty on the pig for further support.

Continue upgrading the hammer and the twirling ability as it will dramatically increase the amount of coins dropped by the piggy bank.

Purchase upgrades in the monetization category to truly improve your cash flow.

It would be a wise idea to purchase the lucky strike upgrade early as it will increase the chance of critical hits and drop 300$ each time it triggers.

Piggy Bank Smash Wanted Poster