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Game Released Plays Rating
400 Years 400 Years icon

Navigate through this adventure game using the arrow keys. There is no need to run or jump, you can simply wait for time...

February 2013 9,493 66%
Achievement Unlocked 3 Achievement Unlocked 3 icon

Your cheeky elephant friend is back for another round of achievement gathering fun. Now including a talking hamster!

June 2012 11,166 83%
Band of Heroes Band of Heroes icon

Rally fellow adventurers to take on enemies in this shooting adventure game. Upgrade your adventurers to increase their firepower...

February 2013 7,344 90%
Buccaneer! Buccaneer! icon

Command your own pirate ship and lead your villainous crew of pirates to vast riches. Navigate across a vast and perilous...

July 2013 6,616 80%
Caribbean Admiral Caribbean Admiral icon

Sail the high seas to earn gold and glory! Fight off enemy pirate ships using an arsenal of weaponry. Save up gold to purchase...

July 2013 7,829 89%
Earth Taken Earth Taken icon

Earth has been taken over by aliens in this apocalyptic survival game. Find rations, kill aliens, and win back the planet!

September 2013 11,827 73%
Elephant Quest Elephant Quest icon

This elephant is on a mission to retrieve his hat! Level up, do quests, explore terrain, and unlock weapons. Become the most...

March 2012 8,385 89%
Fancy Pants World 2 Fancy Pants World 2 icon

An evil rabbit has stolen Fancy Pants Man's ice cream cone. It is your duty to retrieve by any means necessary. Smashing...

January 2008 10,704 75%
Focus Focus icon

Escape this labyrinth using only your wit arrow keys. Pressing the A key will cause you to focus.

December 2007 7,479 53%
Hands of War Hands of War icon

Go on an adventure to slay enemies, complete quests, and earn gold to buy powerful equipment for your hero. Choose between...

August 2012 6,791 85%
Happy Wheels Happy Wheels icon

Navigate through levels avoiding traps, dinosaurs, and spikes. Use your scooter, Segway or rocket powered wheelchair to better...

July 2013 54,163 85%
Hero RPG 2 Hero RPG 2 icon

Explore magical lands and battle enemies in this top-down RPG game. Play as a wizard, fighter, or a scout. Find items, get coins,...

December 2007 13,540 68%
Hug Marine Hug Marine icon

Navigate through the map in this platform game to deliver hugs to all sorts of creatures.

June 2012 8,292 59%
Infiltrating the Airship Infiltrating the Airship icon

Use your tactics, training, and wits to infiltrate this flying red ship controlled by the top hat clan. The decisions you make...

June 2013 18,982 90%
Leaf Me Alone Leaf Me Alone icon

The winning game from the Ludum Dare 26th 72 hour Game Jam. Navigate through the levels in this pixel-art platformer with...

June 2013 9,000 89%
Moon Waltz Moon Waltz icon

You are a werewolf who is on a mission to get some smokes. You also have the ability to change between your human and wolf...

July 2013 8,599 81%
N 2 N 2 icon

The second installment of the N ninja game. Now with 100% more multiplayer! Collect gold coins while avoiding mines, missiles,...

May 2013 7,881 74%
One Button Bob One Button Bob icon

Only one button is required to play this game. Be weary, as timing of this button is critical! Traverse through treturous...

February 2010 8,428 68%
Questopia Questopia icon

Navigate through dungeons slaying enemies and collecting treasure just like the old isometric RPGs. Collect health and mana...

June 2013 6,181 72%
Sinjid: Shadow of the Warrior Sinjid: Shadow of the Warrior icon

Fight waves of foes, complete quests, upgrade your ninja in this strategic role playing game.

April 2005 5,660 80%
Stick RPG Stick RPG icon

You are a stick figure in a stick world. You have a limited number of days to make something of yourself. Will you go to college...

May 2005 10,731 91%
The Last Stand: Union City The Last Stand: Union City icon

Fight your way through Union City to find items, help survivors, and level up. This side scrolling game features plenty of zombies...

October 2011 13,666 90%
Vex Vex icon

Climb over walls, jump past obstacles, and rush through checkpoints in this parkour type of game! Design your own stages...

January 2013 12,233 76%