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Steampunk Tower Guide

Steampunk tower offers a wide variety of weaponry, upgrades, and defenses that can be purchased with cash earned in game by defeating waves of attackers. When first starting the game, you are instructed to purchase one of four turrets to defend your base. Use this moment to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of each of the four turrets. They each have specific uses and excel at destroying different types of attackers you will encounter.

Steampunk Tower Screenshot

Defenses Steampunk Tower Turret Types

Machinegun, “Wasp 1” The machinegun is your simple run of the mill fast firing cannon. Its low damage is countered by its ability to fire many bullets rapidly at attackers. The machinegun is a great all around cannon, but is also excellent at repelling hordes of weak infantry that may swarm and outnumber other types of turrets. The machinegun also holds more ammunition than any other turret. The machinegun can be upgraded to attack faster, farther, cause more damage, and even ignite enemies.

Heavy Gun, “AXE” The heavy gun is extremely effective at any attacking land unit you may come across. The down side to this turret is its inability to destroy any airborne attackers. This turret also has a slow rate of fire and a shorter effective firing distance similar to that of the machinegun. It also holds less ammunition than most of the other turrets until upgraded which will cause this turret to spend some of its time reloading. The heavy gun’s ammo capacity, firing range, explosion radius, and damage can be upgraded. It even can be upgraded with a 10% chance to ignite enemies.

Steampunk Tower Machinegun, Heavy Gun, Lightning Gun, Sawblade turrets

Launcher, “Claw” The saw launcher is a brutal turret that causes more damage than any other turret in the game. Unfortunately, it also holds the least amount of ammunition as well which means it will spend a lot of its time reloading. Saws have better distance than that of the heavy gun and machine gun. It excels at attacking single targets, but will easily be overwhelmed by swarms of weak targets. The saw launcher can be upgraded to decrease its cost, ammunition capacity, firing speed, critical hit chance, and damage.

Lightning, “Thunder” Nikola Tesla’s lightning turret is the most technologically advanced turret. Rather than firing crude bullets or saws, it is able to harness the destructive potential of electricity to annihilate attacking enemies. The lightning turret is quite possibly the most effective turret against any number or type of unarmed attackers. It has excellent range but it is extremely inefficient at destroying armored units. It can be upgraded to increase damage, firing speed, shock enemies, and increase the amount of enemies the arcs of electricity will hit.

Steampunk Tower Upgrades

Depending on the effectiveness of your tower, how quickly you eliminated all of the attackers, and the amount of damage incurred in combat, you will earn stars. These stars can be used as currency to purchase powerful upgrades for each of your four turrets and even the steampunk tower itself. These upgrades decrease reloading times, increase the amount of experience and cash earned, as well as providing other powerful upgrades.